A tour of Predator Ridge

Yes, it’s true, I went to Predator Ridge, one of Canada’s premier golf communities, not to play golf.  OK, I like to golf as much as the next person, but ...

Meet the Staff at Predator Ridge

Predator Ridge is a community, but it’s also a resort.  That makes it a pretty happy place.  The folks who work there are a pretty happy bunch. While at Predator ...

How to buy real estate at Predator Ridge

The real estate office at Predator Ridge was just a 2-minute walk from the main lodge, so I ambled over to check things out.  Realtor Claire Radford was offering an ...

Sparkling Hill Spa – a quick and comfy getaway

Visitors to Predator Ridge looking for a quick getaway need look no further than the end of the road that heads up the hill behind the community.  Here you will find the world class but still unknown Sparkling Hill resort and spa, so different in style from Predator Ridge that you feel like you have […]

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A short drive to lovely little Vernon

If you lived at Predator Ridge, you couldn’t live off Louisiana tiger prawns all the time, so you’d have to head off to Vernon for any shopping.  Thankfully, unlike most commutes into towns, it’s a lovely little drive through open spaces with great views and farmer’s fields, only about 15 minutes if you take the […]

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A quick trip to Gray Monk Winery

You simply can’t go to the Okanagan without visiting some wineries. From Predator Ridge at the north end of the Okanagan, all of the wineries are found to the south. There are dozens within a one-hour drive, but the closest (and one of the best)  is Gray Monk Winery, which is only a 20-minute drive. […]

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